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Who am I? Who is God? What am I here for? What matters most? What matters least?
What are my unique talents and abilities? What will my contribution be?
We discover the answers to these questions most completely by encountering Jesus. He
longs to help us discover deeply personal answers to our deeply personal questions.
Join us this summer as we journey along with Matthew Kelly, through a 40-day series of
videos to discover the answer to these deeply personal questions, and to rediscover who
Jesus is. Sign-up today and the program begins on July 13th! Join us!








Dream Flyer June 2020

Dream Flyer June 2020 Spanish


Is there someone in your life who could use some encouragement? Someone you believe in? Someone you have dreams for? This week’s At-Home Activity is to stop for a moment and write a letter to that person. Visit DynamicLetters.us, watch a short video, and then use the letter template provided to get started!





“God Transforms Parishes One Person at a Time.”—Matthew Kelly


What is Dynamic Parish? Dynamic Catholic has been inspiring Catholics to rediscover the genius of Catholicism through the development of world-class resources and life-changing events for a decade. They will spend the next decade helping parish communities like ours grow and thrive through an initiative called Dynamic Parish. They invited us to pilot this program in our parish for five years at no cost to us. There are over 15,000 parishes in America. Ours is one of just 61 that was selected. During the five years, Dynamic Catholic will invest more than a million dollars in our community through engaging and energizing events, programs, and resources. Parish consultants will walk alongside our pastor and parish leaders, share best practices and support us at every turn.