Sacramental Prep Program

 Standard Program

The majority of children who enter our Elementary Religious Education Program have already been baptized in the Catholic Church. Guided by their parents, they desire to prepare for celebration of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. After submitting a copy of their Baptismal certificate, these children are eligible to enter our standard two year program of sacramental preparation. All children are expected to regularly attend weekly Sunday (Saturday evening) Mass with their families.

The program begins with enrollment in our Elementary Religious Education Program. The child must maintain an 80% weekly participation rate in a First Grade level Monday religious education class and complete the “Catholic Faith Delivered” home online lessons. Parents are expected to participate in monthly gatherings on the first Monday of the month during their child’s regularly scheduled class time.

After successfully completing year one, the child moves on to weekly participation in a Second Grade class. He/she must maintain 80% class attendance, complete their online home lessons and attend all sacramental preparation family meetings with at least one parent.  Parents are also expected to attend monthly gatherings on the first Monday of the month. Eligible children will be scheduled to celebrate First Reconciliation during the Lenten Season of their second grade year followed by celebration of the First Eucharist in May.

These children are expected to continue their religious education in the Elementary Program through Grade 6 followed by participation in the Faithways Junior High Program (Grades 7 & 8). They become eligible to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation at 15 years of age after completion of a two year Youth Ministry Program.

Christian Initiation of Children (CIC)

This program is for children 7 years of age through Grade 6 who are not yet baptized or are baptized in another Christian faith and would like to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church. It is also for children Grade 3 through Grade 6 who are already Baptized Catholics but due to serious family circumstances have not been able to fully participate in our standard sacramental program. Click below or call Ann McGinnis at (760) 436-0664.